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Someone totally needs to make a gif of Jensen sayin "Here's to 100 more!" during the J2 speech at the 100th episode party and then put a bunch of pics of the boys at the 200th party! it would be AWESOME :)

just did something like that nonnie, I’m not very inspired to gif rn since I’m travelling soon and my mind has only that in mind lol 

but I hope you like it anyway!

2010 - 2014


ok so since I’m leaving for Chicon in 3 days, thought I’d make a small post with some stuff (I’ll be reblogging it sorry for being a pain in the ass lol)

I’ll be using my usual tag for the posts, #lullysgoestochicon2014 and for Karri and me I’ll be also using #Kallys in Chicago

so if you don’t want to see our adventures, blacklist that please

also, we’ll be staying at the con hotel, Hyatt Regency, and we’ll have door signs (when I get there I’ll post room number) so if anyone is there too and want to come and say Hi, you’re very welcome! in fact, I wanna meet everyone there, so if you recognize us, come have a chat please! Update: I’m on seat H 38!

oh important fact, I’ll be meeting Karri at the airport on thursday night and we’d love to have our first meeting documented, so if my any chance someone is staying at the hotel on thursday and would like to come to the airport with me to record us meeting, it would be appreciated!

I’ll be posting some pictures here of course, but if someone wants to see more stuff, I’ll (hopefully depeding on wifi) be posting a lot on my Instagram, which is @_lullys. oh, and I may be updating my twitter too, which is @codependeansam

oh, and also, It’s likely I won’t set up a huge queue for the time I’m gone bc 1, I’m too lazy and 2, I’m too anxious so it’s pretty much gonna be all about Chicago starting on thursday lol

guess that’s it, I know I talk a lot and you must be sick of me already but I’m too anxious lol

Sam + standing up to bullies

#SPN10 Countdown Challenge | 4 Days Left - Metamorphosis - Season 4 Episode 4

↳ "You got this dark pit inside you, I know. Believe me, I know. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall into it."


You're my big brother, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

"Where did you go?!"


alexipyretic asked you: Dean’s thoughts as he carried his brother’s corpse to the car after Sam dies in All Hell Breaks Loose?