so I went to the hair salon today to get some treatments done on my hair (obviously) and my stylist straightened my hair like 100% and I’m feeling just 

I mean there was a time I used to LOVE my hair like this but now I only like it straightened on top and I NEED MY CURLS IN THE END DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME

she told me to wash it only on friday :(

  1. leoandpavelplaydoctor said: hello pretty lady :-)
  2. buticancarryyouarchive said: HOTTIE. you can have straight or curly hair and i’d still love you to death. <3<3<3
  3. shinyrainbowwincest said: wow, you’re very pretty!! what color are your eyes btw?
  4. mermaidsandmisandry said: oh gosh ur gorgeous uwu
  5. many-muchmoosen said: for what it’s worth I think your hair looks really pretty :)
  6. cuddlersammy said: if you want curls take my hair and give me yoursssssss!!:)
  7. edmyguidinglight said: Awwww ! Beautifulllllllll :3
  8. lipglosskaz said: You and your hair look beautiful :)
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